Friday, July 3, 2009

Happy 4th of July

Things are going well here on Kasidah! Being in the water and having our mast up makes it seem all the more realistic that if we wanted to, we could leave tomorrow...but we won’t…at least I don’t think we will.

We went out in the lake the other day to see just how many things we could find that needed fixing and it looks to be a long list. However when Jon opened up the floor to look at some of the electrical connections, he quickly found most of the problems we were having:

1-mast and anchor lights did not work correctly. FIXED
2-wind instruments seemed to think we were not moving at 20 knots. FIXED
3- roller furling was not working right. FIXED
4. The water tank we did not replace began leaking when we were heeled greater than 20 degrees. (We decided it would just be easier to buy a new tank from Defenders, which arrived today and is ready to be installed)

Stuff that is installed/working:
1.My new fresh hot/cold water shower for the cockpit
2.Our new LED mast lights (Which are awesome)

Now as far as the old house situation goes. It still makes me upset that this much time as gone by and the deal is not complete. How you can have title insurance and still end up with the problem we are dealing with is just ridiculous. We were told that we would be reimbursed for any 'hardships' we are going through, if we can prove that there is in fact a 'hardship'. I would say being ready to leave and not having any money is a 'hardship'....wouldn't you??
Jon just keeps saying everything will work out. We will see……."9 weeks till cast off”

We have new sailors at the dock which have never sailed before and always wanted to so they bought the boat and figured they would learn as they went. Jon and I went out with them and they got the hang of it right away. We were very pleased at how much they caught on to it and enjoyed it. This is Mitch and Jackie I am speaking of.

I left Sunday for the first time since we moved aboard to spend three nights in Brockport with Jill while she began her recovery from having her tonsils out. Boy I would not want this surgery to happen to me. She was and still is in a lot of pain. Now I understand why they gave her three refills of her pain killers, I guess she will be using all of them.

We were honored to have Big Jon take us out on his new powerboat (Which is Very Fast). This was a lot more fun than we had antisipated. We even raced a large cigar boat.
“It was a nice try Big Jon but I think he beat us”.

Yesterday Rick and Pam came in for the night on their new trawler and man that thing is huge. They are the previous owners of our Kasidah, we have stayed in touch with them and will see them again in Delaware Bay this September. We found out that his nephew flys C-17s out of Dover so we will all meet there. It was a great time and thanks to Tim (owner of Fair Point Marine) they had a great slip for the night.
Thanks again Tim.

Edited by Jill Libby (-->Still in pain)


Schyler - Laure said...

I don't get it? If you have the title, you have the title??? It's Ombamageodon! have you heard that term yet???

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Thats a new one. I Like it.....