Sunday, June 21, 2009

"Our New HOME"

It’s been a while since we have posted anything; we have been very busy with everything from dealing with the house transaction to moving onto the boat. THAT’S RIGHT! We are now officially live-aboards, even though we have no money coming in from our house because of some bologna deal about the abstract and title not worded exactly the same way. There are two words missing from one of them…just two words and it means that the house won’t close for some time. But at least it is semi settled and we have a good understanding with the future owners that are currently residing there. So hopefully we can get this whole thing squared away by the end of summer. And with any luck not be paying an arm and leg to some laywer for all this crap that has nothing to do with us.

The boot that Sid helped us with went back on the boat fine. Jon was able to take care of it and fix it just like Sid said he would be able to. The boat is in the water at her dock without a mast. Right now we are working on the mast; we repainted and rewired it. We are replacing all of the lights with LEDs and spreader lights will be replaced within the next month with as well. Hopefully the mast will be stepped by Friday and all taken care of. We ordered some parts from Defenders that we are waiting on to finish up the mast and get it ready to go.

We splashed our dink on Monday and took her for a stroll around the bay with our second motor on it; which is a 4.5 Evinrude. Everything else around here is just lots of little projects that we keep finding and remembering as we are living on her.

Amy and Jeremy are currently doing really well down in San Antonio. She sent this really cool picture that she saw as she was stepping out onto the flight line.
Her comment was "The C5 is still bigger than both of them together".

Jill is currently working on projects for SUNY Brockport and the Army Corps of Engineers. Great job right!?! She got paid to kayak for 7 miles down a creek and look for springs on the banks. Wish I could get paid to kayak all day!

Are Our Girls Great or what!!! (dads 2 cents)


greyhound said...

the girls are great! It's the Dad we're worried about!!

Know any nuts that likes to swim in cold water???

ctkapoo said...

Got an address or do I just place a letter in a bottle and hope you get it. Sorry about the Crap with closing. Hopefully it doesn't end up like NB CT. The 'A'hole with the hat......:)

Schyler - Laure said...

Hey you!

Just checking in to see how things are going? Would love to come visit and catch up!