Sunday, March 22, 2009

Work,Work and more Work

We spent Saturday at the boat working on the V-berth ceiling and the propane locker. The new headliner was a pain in the ass but it is DONE (in the V-Berth)...I will go in next week and clean it up add a little varnish and have the Berth ready for sleeping in since the weather is getting to the point that it will not dip under freezer for too long except at night.
Jon worked on the propane locker, cutting more holes in the deck "not for the light hearted". Schyler gave Jon some great advice on how to do the new locker door and how to close off the old one. He was very happy with the way it was turning out. We pulled out the stove unit and will figure out how much new line we need and how to route it next week.
While we were there Ken and Joyce from B dock stopped by to say Good Bye. She has taken a job in the Boston area and they will no longer be with us at the marina. They are thinking about being live-aboards down there in The Boston harbor. We had lots of fun times with them and hope to see them some time in our sailing adventures..

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Schyler - Laure said...

Looks Great Jon!!! I will advise you anytime and will show you how to spray gel-coat to finish off the old hole. It will look like factory when you are done.

Nice job Amy!