Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Spring is coming

We managed to get a little work done on the boat this weekend. Jon cut the hole and had some of the epoxy in for the propane locker. This will probably take the next few weeks to complete and run new propane lines. We both worked on the V berth headliner which looks pretty good so far. The side walls are all insulated and I will add the over head part of insulation this weekend when we go up. I will take some photos to put on of the V berth this coming week.
We had our windlass and chain all set up in the basement and Jon was having fun connecting everything and letting it drop as though it were in the chain locker. We also hooked up a wireless remote and chain counter that arrived this week and played around with them. We bought the chain for the windlass from a company in Florida and when Schyler came home from Key West he picked it up. The company is Secure Chain and Rope Co. if you need chain give them a call.

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