Monday, April 14, 2008

We Love Our Girls.....

Jill just sent us these photos of her doing some of the work for her Water Resource class. She is working through the college of Brockport on a grant to do some studies on the ground water in a town not to far from the school.

Jon spent the weekend at the boat working on the electrical panel and framing it, just a little trim and varnish and it will be good to go. He did a great job and even had time to hook-up some of the wires. We just ordered more wire and cable for next weekend and are now starting to cut a piece of wood for over the V berth, which was in bad shape.
I went up to the boat on Sunday and spent the day cleaning out the camper that Tim offered us till the boat goes in the water(hopefully not long). It will be nice to have a clean place to sleep while doing the work on Kasidah.
One more thing before I forget....If you get Latitudes & Attitudes mag(May 08 issue). look in the Photo section and theres a shot of Jon and Skyler on the lake, also theres an advertisement in the front of the mag.for the FilterBoss and they put in a comment that we made about it last year.....Very cool
I will put a link to their site on our side bar which you can open up. they are trying to get new subscribers so this one is free on the web to browse.

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Anonymous said...

Nice set up!

Someone really cool must have helped you plan out where you were placing those panels.