Sunday, April 20, 2008

The grass is GREENER on our side.

What a wonderful spring weekend. The middle of April in Central NY is usually damp and wet with that unexpected late snow storm and then 70 degrees the next day. Well its been in the 70s all week and 80s this weekend and no rain. We will need the rain here real soon but this was a great way to start the season off at the marina.
Jill came up on Friday night and helped get the camper cleaned so we could move some of our stuff in. I had to do a major SPIDER kill for her (she’s arachniphobic). We spent the night there and it was great not having to try living on land in Kasidah while all the work is being done. We woke up early Saturday facing the most wonderful view of Lake Ontario. All of us ended up taking a nice hike down the shore before breakfast. Saturday everyone seemed to be at the marina getting their boats and RVs ready. It was great saying hi to everyone.
Our friends Gibber and Bonnie stopped up to look at some woodwork in the galley and over the settees that we want to do but by a professional and Gibber is just that, so hopefully in the next couple weeks he will come up and help Jon get all that done.
Late Saturday and on Sunday Jon worked on putting a shelf in the (aft Garage) but first he had to make the opening bigger so it would be easier to do work on things in the future. He is putting the reefer and ac in there and possibly some storage for scuba stuff.
Jon and I are very fortunate to have such great friends (thank you all). We think about how lucky we are with everything we do and have and how much fun it is just to go do things and meet people and share our lives with others. We are so LUCKY.

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