Tuesday, March 18, 2008

One more down!!!

Well it’s Tuesday and we have finished the majority of the sailpack. We will have to finish off the ends, but will have to wait until it is on the boat with the mast up before doing this (easy). With the help of Jon, Jill and Myself we managed to come upwith a plan.

We needed to have height measurements along with how the top would square off for the lazy jacks to attach and how to zip up, also needed to decide how the bottom slugs would be arranged to slide along the track with the sail slugs.

It all seems like it went real smooth now but as we planned it there were lots of ideas that kept changing. This ended
up being a lot of fun and I am excited about getting it on the boat and finishing it up.
We started off with the Sailrite Instructions from their website and then modified them to suit our needs.

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