Thursday, March 20, 2008

More of Jon's Stuff

You can feel the sun's rays upon you, but man it's still cold. I've spent a couple of days at the boat under cover with the heater going, installing, and planning all things electrical. Panels are on order, some of my parts are here so I had to start laying them out. I have finger duct raceway and cover which all the wires in the lazette will be run and covered in. It is exactly the same depth of my new areas. It's going to be better than new... Fusses and buss bar, a few terminal strip behind where the new panels will be. The Inverter/charger is going under the nav station in an area that I opened up and tabbed in a new shelf. I need to still build a louvered door, but not a big deal.

More this weekend.

We have a new Realtor for the house, poeple came throught the first day and have more coming and calling than we had last year. Of course the house is about empty but lots of boat parts inside.

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