Thursday, October 15, 2015

Summer of 2015,...GONE!

Summer has come and summer has gone. By the time I get this posted on the Blog we’ll be within a day or two of arriving at Kasidah. Summer of 2015 for Jae Bee Electric was very good. Better that last year, because last year there was that 6 weeks of Grand Jury Duty that sucked 1/6 of our yearly income. If you want to know about any of the case,…wait, I might be writing a book. Ha Ha. There were some very high profile cases that anybody in the area would remember, and it would bother you because of what they don’t tell you. My quick comparison would be this; All the people died on the Titanic from drowsing in cold water. But so many things could have been done, just one little thing could have saved so many lives on that boat. Same thing in one case that we indicted a man, so many people had a chance to do something, and nobody did, and a little girl died.

Hell! we even put Blue to work. 

Arline roughing-in a Bunk house for 40 migrant workers

Sunset Pines Executive Golf Course

New instruments

Anyway, Arline and I worked nearly every day through the summer, we had 3 nice sized jobs that did us well. Arline learned how to rough-in Metal clad wiring in a place of public assembly. She’s got her own tool belt outfitted with some nice tools. It was fun, when I saw that she needed a tool or was having a hard time with something I got her the right tool and she really improved with the new tools. Arline and I together could do more in a day than 3 of
my best guys that I ever had, sorry guys. We did more boats this summer than last year and we have work lined up for next spring.

We’ve travel through the summer to friends in Clayton on the river, to CT to visit mom and Dad and our Jill. We even got to visit Cal, Amy and Jeremy a couple of times, We even got to babysit for Cal for two weeks when they went on vacation to Italy. We really didn’t spend much time at the summer home at all.

We had kind of a family reunion with our dear friends (not family) from Tully. Through the years, the Mawbey’s have 2 girls also and we spent nearly every weekend with them as the girls grew up.  We all got together for a weekend party and with most of the men in the girls’ lives now. It was the first time in about 8 years that we all at once got together.

Seeing our 4 girls sitting together, now all adults it was quite a thrill for Vic and I to see the success of our hard work; An administer for a large medical team in Denver, a retired Capt and Pilot from the Air Force and mother of one with another on the way, a successful self employed 4th degree Black Belt instructor with 2 studios that travels all over the world to train and soon to be x-ray and sonogram technician, an environmental scientist with her master from U-Conn as a hydro-geologist working for an multi-state engineering firm. All of them went to College and worked their ass off for it. None of them are worried about paying off that college loan, Hmmm. (Stop Jon) Where has the time gone?

Bahama Zephyr 
Arline and I bought ourselves a few things for the winter; if you’re a friend on Facebook you know all of this already. We have a Go Pro camera with an underwater housing and a couple of drones to lift different cameras into the sky. Not sure if I’m more exited about going underwater or in the sky with it.  The video editing studio will keep me out of trouble this winter as it can do so much but my computer is so old and slow.

Our to do list on Kasidah is long; Bottom paint, a real serious look at the rigging with a possible mast un-stepping and rebuild of the mast step, some thru-hull fittings, new dinghy chaps, and then of course anything else we find when we get there.

We are spending time this week with Amy, Jeremy and Cal, helping them with a few small projects around the house, a “Mommy/Daddy do list” if you will. Also my mom and dad, High School Lovers since the age of 16 or earlier, are going through some hard times. Dad just had some serious back surgery and is in a rehab house leaving mom home alone. She’s not taking her meds, doesn’t know what day it is and can’t do a lot on her own. This is very painful for me my brother and sister, as we try and help her. But she’s so stubborn and so good at fibbing. “Do you know what today is mom?”  “Of course I do Jon,…it’s the day after yesterday,..”. I stayed with her a week and tried to help at what I could but I can only do so much for her with out her wanting it. I guess we all will get old someday, so we just want them both to be together and happy.

Thank you all for watching, we’ll be on Kasidah Sunday, if all goes well.

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