Thursday, October 23, 2014

Summer Recap.

I can not believe we are out of NY and headed to Kasidah. This summer was filled with so much that it will not be able to be covered in one post here. Facebook has been a little easier to let people know what is going on, but not in the detail that I know some of you like and I like to write about. Most of you that read this will all know the highs and the lows of the summer.

The highs include but are not limited to; 1st grandson Cal arrived and we were there, both kids are doing extremely well in their careers and lives, another good year for Jae Bee Electric, especially our new marine division, our good health, summer home fun, no huge vehicle expenses, traveled and explored a bit, tennis was good, we had the largest number of visitors to the summer home we've ever had, the weather had been fairly good. Our fifth wheel summer home worked out great, my old Dodge work van got us through another season with just minor repairs. Great rides along some beautiful roads on the motorcycle.

 A great visit in Connecticut with a family gathering and what a great time we had,...nobody knows how to laugh like the Libby's. Not all are present in this photo and it's not a good photo of anybody but if you look at the faces and body language you know we were having a good laugh. Now, when you see Arline or I, remember to ask what we were laughing at and I promise you'll laugh with us.  Thanks Christopher,..   


The lows include but are not limited to; losing a few good friends and others in the fight for their life, Jill’s Audi was totaled in a simple rear end accident, my fears continue to grow that our country and our freedoms are in more trouble than they've ever been and we are again just one generation away from losing it all, I wasted 6 weeks or 1/5th of my time in NY to earn money because of grand jury duty, I won’t brag about how much it cost me to serve, and they don’t care.

Our many visits to the doctors for blood test, scans and full body skin check ended with pretty good results. I still have high blood pressure, boarder line high cholesterol and diverticulitis or something that sounds worst that what it is, my aches and pains have more to do with getting older and I need to watch what I eat a little better, we've all heard that.

Arline’s test results at first looked like she might have some major issues but in the end it ended up very good. They found she has Mitral Valve Prolapse which will be monitored, they removed several moles and one ended up being cancerous. They performed Mohs surgery removing all the bad tissue, after that, seventeen sutures and all is good till next May. This is a result of loving the sun as a teen and using baby oil to get the perfect tan. All she can say is 50 plus sunscreen if you like the outdoors. 

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