Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Back in New York for the summer.

Kasidah is resting well in Florida after a Fantastic winter not in the cold; she never gave us a bit of trouble that we could handle or had been expecting, and did even better than we could have wished for. Several times a month, while at ORYC at a low tide she would stand on her keel for hours at a time, not a mark on her keel was there when hauled. The trip we took in her and the miles we put on her may have only been outdone by the miles and hours we spent in our dinghy. We loved every moment on our dinghy. Perhaps the most memorable moment on the dinghy was one day we both where out snorkeling and left Blue in the dinghy as normal, under a shaded area we made for her up front. It was a little rolly and the set anchor was making the bow bounce up and down ever so gently. As we looked back at the dinghy after a while we took a
great photo of it setting there, then we look again to make sure all is good and we see Blue up on the seat, looking for us. Then we see that she’s sick, so QUICK back to the dinghy and to get the hook up to settle the action. She was fine and we still had a great day on the dinghy. It was the set of her ears while up on the seat that was captured that is there forever.

We checked out of Indiantown without much issue, Arline made covers to go over the wooden cap-rails around the boat, hoping that they would keep the sun from weathering it too much and maybe keep a little of the rain from getting to some leak that may never be found. We had a visitor while there, my Aunt Cyndy from Maine. She was wintering about 1 ½ hours from us and had always watched Facebook. We did a short lunch, showed her and Paul our summer home, Kasidah and had some good laughs while catching up on a lot of family happenings.

Heading north for Amy’s was pretty fast, we left Kasidah at 1pm on a Monday right after haul out with 95 degrees and by 7pm we where in the 60’s with high wind warnings and lots of rain. The following day arriving at Amy’s it was 50’s.

Amy’s baby shower was on Saturday, with family driving in. My Mom and Dad came with my Sister Kathy and her Kim. Our Jill and Ed came, and even friends from Tully, Dianne and Ann came. We helped with all that we could to make it easy for them. Arline and I did another visit to Washington as it was the Cherry Blossom time. If you’ve never been to see them or even Washington I highly recommend it. We hit it just past peek time but it was still beautiful.

We stopped in CT to visit more with mom and dad. Jill wanted us to look over some electrical at a new place she is moving into,….So I have a weekend of work at her place in a month or so.

We arrived at our summer home on a great and warm day to take the cover off. What we found was a very clean camper, no mice, nothing but straighten up and move in. I even got the bike out and ran it up the drive and back. There are no other full timers here yet, and very few overnighters on their way north. So we really do have the whole place to ourselves.

Jae Bee is off to a good start, with people who have actually waited 6 months for our return, one customer called while we where still in the Bahamas and waited 2 months for us to replace a switch in a bathroom upstairs. We have a small bathroom to redo, a service change, and several other small service things to do. It’s been too cold here, or we got here too early (yeah too early) and I see that the summer’s forecast is colder and wetter than normal, (so why am I doing this). I can’t make too much money, as we’ll just end up giving it to the Federal Government, so just as they ask, I’ll shoot for that zero-sum, even thou it is a fallacy that our leaders believe in. Good read here on it,..

As we wait out the cold weather, we are ready for tennis this summer at a park within 2 miles of us. We’ve put new outdoor carpeting on our deck; we have a small screened room for those few buggy nights and not sure where or how that will work. But it was cheap.

Some time next month 2 or 3 weeks before Amy’s due date Arline and Blue are going down to help and make sure somebody is with her at the time just in case. I’ll go down near the time, before or after to get Arline and giving them the time to figure it out and recover.

We have so many things on our mind right now and so many options for the fall. We know we are blessed to be where we are, and grateful for all that we done, and man have we learned a lot. (Like, get it in writing!!!) We’d love to tell them all but we don’t know them all. If you know us, then you know we will always be doing something exciting, what we are capable of doing, our dedication to something when we do it and standards are best stated by an un-know author who said,
                “I refuse to lower my standards,…So up yours,…”




April said...

Hey there Jon and Arline.

We're looking at buying an Ericson 36C and wanted to run a couple questions by you about them if you wouldn't mind:

How do you think the construction of the 36c compares to other Ericsons? Do you think it's a little tougher? Any issues with loose bulkheads or chainplate webs?

I see that you also had a Whitby 42 at one point, is that right? We're also considering a Brewer 12.8, which I know has a lot in common with the Whitby, so would love it if you'd be able to shed any light on the two by comparison.

We're preparing to move aboard one of these vessel with our two small daughters and trying to choose. Any thoughts on which would be the better choice?

Thanks so much! Love your blog...

Jacob & April

phaz said...

And, we LOVE the work you two did on the bathroom!