Sunday, October 6, 2013

Our summer comes to an end....

We have had a very successful summer here in New York, but Kasidah is waiting for our return.

The business has been nothing but amazing and our time here very pleasant. Seeing all our friends and family also has been just wonderful, but our minds are now fixed on Kasidah, what we need to work on next, where we will go, explore,who we will meet and all that stuff us cruisers think about when we are not on the boat.

We will be leaving at the end of this week and slowly heading south over the next month to visit with family before getting on Kasidah and sailing off for six more months of pure enjoyment.

We figured we would put a few photos of some projects we took on this summer.

Blue looking over Skaneateles Lake

Installing pump-up station on Lake

New panel and meter for old funeral home remodel 
Nice garage sale find....
Two room addition on Tully Lake
Total redo of bathroom   
This is what the customer wrote to us
 "Your work here is done and what good work it was!  Bye Jon, Bye Arline, Bye Blue....Bessie will miss you.........maybe.  Have a great winter!"

Time to go to the scrape dealer...
repairing damaged underground cable

Everyday the phone rings with one more project and Jon has finally started turning them away or scheduling for the spring and most of his customers are fine with that, it going to make coming back a lot easier.

We are very lucky people and we know it.............................VERY LUCK!
 To all of our customers, friends and family we would like to say Thank you.

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