Wednesday, September 12, 2012

The season is almost to a close....

The cold weather is starting to set in here on Lake Ontario and Kasidah is starting to call for us.
We have been busy this summer and realize how quick life can pass you by.
We have seen a few good friends leave us for whatever may be on the other side.
We have watched our youngest daughter graduate with her masters' and for her to see that the world is hers to conquer, but only if she wants it.
We have seen our oldest daughter pack a small duffel bag and depart for a place that war is all they know, but for her it's a place she goes to protect the ones she loves.
We've seen our son-in law go from a busy life with his wife and happy home to an even busier life, but an empty house and still manage to be positive about it all.

Next month we will leave here and make a few stops to visit our family in Connecticut and Delaware. Then we will be off to Annapolis to visit a cruiser we met a few years ago before we head out with Kasidah. We have been in contact with them for sometime and have arranged to stop by the marina he runs on our way through. We will then head down to North Carolina to visit some other cruisers we met in the Bahamas last year. They bought a newer boat and have it on the hard currently at a marina getting some work done on it.

Kasidah here we come!

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