Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Ready for the drive to Florida....

We have been visiting family first in Dover and then in Connecticut for the past two weeks and are now back in Dover.
Wednesday morning we will head out for the long drive down to Florida to start the cleaning and work on Kasidah before our crossing.
We have had a great time visiting but its time to hit the road.
We went to Connecticut last week knowing that we may not have electricity because of the storm, but what we found was way beyond just the lose of power. The place  looked like a war zone, there were trees down, power lines down at just about every house and street corner and still lots of snow on the ground when we arrived on Monday, by the time we left this week it started to look a lot better but they will be cleaning up for many months.

While we were there we got to see Kim (Jon's niece) play soccer at her school. 

We decided we would stop back in Dover for a night or two because Kasidah won't be in the work yard till Thursday afternoon and we won't be able to stay on her till then, and the last night we were in Connecticut I pulled my back and was in some major pain for the drive here so it was one more reason to stop.    

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greyhound said...

get down south fast you guys! We are not far (Annapolis) right now but we be hitting the road/water soon.

A meeting in the Exumas is a must!