Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Still waiting for a weather window

We have been really busy here with projects, repairs, places to go, places to see, and of course places to have fun.

This is Jon saving Sarah and Blue from a nasty gator that was trying to make a lunch date with them, everyone knows Nobody messes with Jon's girls!!! Nobody!!

I have been organizing things and Jon has been doing projects one after another. His list is way longer than mine but mine seems to be more important.....

Some of the projects include new day tank in the cockpit, adjusters for the solar panel, repairs on the watermaker, fixing some minor (before major)soft spots under box in cockpit. Fixing small problems with our filter boss, the company was a lot of help as usual. Replacing a lot of small parts and last but not least changing the flapper valve on the head.....that is a Jon Job for sure.

It is always a small world out here when you really stop for a moment and talk to people about where they have been. This is Dick Harding and it just so happens that he owns a canal boat that was built by some very good friends of ours from Skaneateles NY. We've also met some people new to boating that read our blog and are here in Stuart getting their boat ready to travel north, they are Adem and Leslie . We wish them the best of luck in the world of sailing.

Monday we made our way over to Ft Myers to visit some very good friends we had met long ago in the Dominican on a vacation. It had been awhile since we had seen them, but would email each other every once in awhile. We decided we needed to visit them because it had been way to long. Dave and Janet and their new pup Gypsy are from Ontario and promise to visit us this summer...... They are great people and we are glad to know them (thanks for the wonderful time at your place, and thanks for bringing Jon some REAL Canadian Blue). When we were there they brought us to a power plant to see where the Manatees gather in the warm water from the plant, which was lots of fun but really cold that day.
On our way back to the boat we stopped by to see Lake Okeechobee which was a lot bigger than we thought. This week has been filled with many fun things to do and the projects are almost finished. We were planning on crossing in a few days but now it looks like a new front is coming in that might once again put our crossing on hold. That's alright with me because I am having a lot of fun and I know soon enough we will be heading to new places.


Pamela said...

Hope we meet up with you sometime in the Bahamas. We are in Lucaya now and will head to the Berry Islands soon.
Pam and Glen
Blue Pearl

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Still waiting for the nasty stuff to leave, be there as quick and safe as we can.

Grey Hound said...

I believe that one picture of the provisioning was a complete pictorial of what you took off GH. By order of authorities (to be named later) you should send all items back to us now. Any empties can be kept on board.
Thank ye.......

Jon and Arline Libby said...

We'll leave it under a rock in Great Harbour Cay Marina. "Again Why are we out of Rum?"