Sunday, April 25, 2010

Busy at the Marina

Jon and I are very busy working at Fair Point Marina right now. We are getting the place ready for summer and upgrading many things here for the owner. Our internet is not working that great at our camper so I have not had a chance to get on so today I decided to come into the office and update the blog a little. We both miss living on Kasidah and try to keep busy knowing we will be back on her and enjoying the travels soon enough.
We think about all the places and wonderful people we have met in our travels.
Last week I went with Jill to visit UConn and to find a place for her to live. She will be doing her graduate studies there and will be starting her work studies in May for the school, she will be a Hydro-geologist when she is finally finished with school. UConn has a huge campus and is pretty much out in the country but you can get into the busy city in about twenty minutes, so I think she will be happy there. It was a lot of fun walking around campus and getting caught up with Jill on all her studies.

This is UConn's mascot.....Johnny the Husky

We also went to Brockport over the weekend which is the school Jill is finishing up at now to attend an awards ceremony that Jill was honored for her geology classes. (way to go Jill).


TonyM-Mainship-trawler said...

Glad to see an addition to your blog. Pete and I have enjoyed following your travels and have missed knowing what you're up to.Glad to see all is well. We're hoping to leave CT June 1-can't wait! Here's our blog address in case yuo get bored!

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Sorry we have not been able to get on as much as we would like to. We have checked your blog out and love the part about us....:)
Where are you heading first? Let us know if you will be in this area or maybe Florida?