Saturday, December 12, 2009

"On land again"

We are stuck in Moorhead NC. On our way down the ICW we started taking on water, We called on 16 for the nearest boat yard that could haul out Kasidah. Boat US responed ASAP with a place and number which was right where we were. They were great. We did get her out of the water quickly to look for the problem. The shaft was leaking water in and lots of fiberglass material all over the place like a birds nest. The yard thinks something made its way in from the outside of the boat, they said they never saw anything like this before. We had to take the fuel tank out and they will be doing some major repair work to get her floating again.
It is cold here but I guess if I were in New York it would be colder. I don't think Christmas will be under a palm tree but maybe we can find a pine tree instead!


Paul and Deb said...

What the heck? Something was trying to get inside from the water? Maybe something wrapped around the shaft, and was scraping the hull? Weird. Can't wait to see photos of this. Very cold (17) and windy up here. Hope you get moving again soon. Take care, and have a great Christmas.
Paul and Deb
Webster, NY

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Maybe fishing line or something. They still don't know till they start cutting at that point in the hull. Cold here too but no snow, Its hard to keep it warm inside the boat because of everything being open right now,a little warmer today but that will change. Its funny because out of all the places we have been you can walk to stores or the laundrymat ect, and here there is no grocery store or laundrymat in walking distance. Thinking of renting a car but will need to find someone to bring us to it which is quite far. They do have plenty of resturants but that would be way to costly. WHAT A TRIP THIS IS TURNING OUT TO BE:). We are keeping our fingers crossed that the insurance co. will cover this bill which is not going to be cheap. We will post photos as soon as we get good enough wifi to download them.

robert.scott said...

Best of luck on the repairs.
You were fortunate to get the boat out of the water quickly.
Think of the two of you and
your adventure often.
Hey, I'm chained to a desk.

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Well between the shop and Jon, they have found that the adjusting bolts for the engine had gave out and the engine settled down which made everything shake. We also had a crack in the alternator and a few other issues. So far it looks as if the insurance will cover it and we are tring to get the boat back together as the work is being done so we can get on the move as soon as we can. Things do happen.

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Can't wait to get out of this town, not really one of those places I would want to settle down in. This is the first stop that I can really say that about, so thats a good thing.

Anonymous said...

Hi Jon and Arline - I've been following the blog now and again and really enjoy reading about your trip. Sorry to hear you are out of the water for now. Thinking of you - wear your warm socks. You'll be on your way again soon I hope. Rosemary Klein

Jon and Arline Libby said...

Jon said "he has them on"......We are back in and moving kind of. The weather is shitty again. blowing 40 so stuck for a few days. Thanks for thinking of us.