Monday, May 18, 2009

It's starting to come together

This week has been hectic for Jon and I; besides working on Kasidah, we have been doing some major cleaning in the house, in the yard, and of course real work. YES unlike many people in this country that say they like going to work because they don’t have to do much except sit around, Jon and I work our asses off to be successful. I guess that’s what is starting to happen isn't it? You go to work to rest….you owe lots of money and just don’t pay it.

What the hell happened to responsibility or accountability………

Sorry about that but I just had to get that off my chest….can't fully explain to you how hectic its been for us. ;)

We can finally start to see the work that we have been doing on Kasidah the past few months all coming together. Jon finished the glassing on the outside of the propane locker and it came out perfect. He said 'it all had to do with having the right tools' (thanks Schyler). We have the primer on it but will wait to do the whole cockpit so that the colors match
up. The new glassing is under the cushions any how so we aren't too worried about that part. The new head is installed and looks great; all Jon has to do is replace the anti-siphon piece that broke when he was moving it.

Good thing it is being replaced because the thing was beat to crap!

We also managed to install the cockpit fresh water shower “hot and cold” running in. The only thing it needs is the hoses ran down below. Next weekend we will button all those things up and bring the majority of our belongings up. Oh yeah! and if we can manage, we will also try to have a little fun and relax a bit for the up coming Holiday…….

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Schyler - Laure said...

Why is that those who own boats work our asses off? Just got home from working on the Pearson, oops, she has a name now, Blue 30. Schyler is still there finishing up a couple of things. We have been going at it hard since Sunday to get it her ready for crane day. Lots of sanding, sanding, and sanding. I come home looking like a ghost and smelling very chemically....

We will be at it again tomorrow AFTER we have put in a full day at our own businesses!!