Sunday, February 8, 2009

Slippery when Warm.....

We just finished replacing the seals and changing the oil in the new watermaker we picked up on ebay. We did some more buying as well, we picked up: a new step for in front of the helm, some more snubbers for the lines and our new long range wifi unit came in all ready to go.....or so they say.
I just finished our dinghy cover yesterday, which had taken me a couple of weeks, but I am very pleased with it. I made a nice cover for the bow which will zip up and protect everything from spray or just be a nice little area for the dogs to get out of the sun. Jon requested a couple of drink holders be installed, so I will sew up some quick ones for it today.
Our long time friends Jeff and Cathy, who have S/V Otium, came over for dinner last night. It was great to see them!! Jon made some really good pasta while Jeff and Cathy got to try something new: oysters.
The last time we saw them was on Jill’s birthday on the way home from a trip up near Sackets Harbor. We anchored off from Stony Island and they had been sailing with Dick and Ann, from S/V Grey Hound. We had the quickest birthday cake and opening of gifts I think Jill has ever had (I told her after awhile they all get that way), then we left to cross Ontario in not so pleasant condition.
Any how, our house is on the side of a mountain and you can drive up and around the back of the house which we use as our main entrance. Jeremy had backed his car up to a place where the driveway starts to head back down the hill so that Jeff and Cathy could pull right up to the door. Well on their way out they thanked Jeremy for pulling his car down to the bottom of the hill and out of the way. He laughed and said “no it’s still up in the turn around”. At that point I went out to look and sure enough it wasn’t there. The driveway had turned into an ice rink from the 45 degree weather and as we looked down the hill there was Jeremy’s car, sideways and half in the snow bank just waiting for someone to rescue it. Funny funny….. Jon pulled the John Deere tractor out and went to work pulling it out so Jeff and Cathy could get on their way.

Edited by Jill Libby


Grey Hound said...

Yowzer!!!!!!! Those Otium people are always causing trouble!!! Sounds like you pegged the "fun meter" none the less!!!!!!

Grey Hound said...

PS.... Nice slurping, Jeff!!!!!!!