Thursday, January 8, 2009

Happy New Years 2009

Happy New Year to all of our family and friends!
Jon and I have been busy with family since before Christmas and some of them are still here. The Holidays went by fast but we did get to see everyone and enjoy it. Jon’s whole family came up for the Christmas weekend and we managed to find sleeping spots all over the house for them (house is pretty empty). They brought so much food we could not eat it all. On Saturday Jeremy’s family came to see him and Amy, so we had a huge Christmas dinner for both families. Jon and Jill rolled their famous Martha Stuart Turkey which was delicious. Kathy and Betty made cookies and Bob made ribs.
We managed to get to the boat during the week and took off the winches so we can clean them and check them over. We also measured the deck so we could order a windlass(done) and checked the holding tank one more time before sending it out to have a new one made, we wanted to have a monitoring system and did not know if one would fit because it fits pretty snug under the floor. It looks like we will be ordering the fireboy unit which has 4 readings and no moving parts. The other thing we wanted to look into was a new propane sensor which looks like fireboy will be getting more for our money with the unit also. Jon is looking into putting the propane tanks into their own lockers that sit under the wheel just for added safety, so that’s something else we will need to research before long.
We are heading to Toronto on Friday for the boat show and hope to come home with some more ideas and maybe some boating goodies so we will let you know when we return how victorious we were….

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