Sunday, July 29, 2007

We Won't Tell Anyone "ROGER"

Nice weekend on the boat, we had a pleasant steady wind on Friday and went sailing with Jill then anchored in the bay at the State Park for a nice swim and to enjoy being on the hook for a bit. The weatherman as always was saying chance of storms so we didn’t go to far, and yes we did get one heck of a storm.
Saturday our friends came in from Cazenovia NY and we all went sailing for the day (not much wind) Nelsen captained most of the day and we all had a grand day. The weather was hot and sticky so we dropped anchor at the end of day and went swimming again. These are some wonderful people so no matter what the weather we would have had a blast.
Sunday we asked Roger our dock neighbor with a powerboat to go sailing with us. Some of the other powerboats on the dock joked about not going because he would go to the dark side. We told Roger we wouldn’t tell any of his friends he went sailing……NO ONE…. We think he had a lot of fun.
This weekend we finished insulating the frig, cleaning the bilge more which meant having to clean the filter several times while doing this. it clogged up quite a bit. We also went to a town called Red Creek (near the boat) to talk to a guy about doing some of the fiberglass, woodwork and the davit system we want. He is planning on come up next week along with the guys we us for new sails. This sounds like a number weekend.
One other thing before I close this note. We are waiting on a dock next to the one we had when we got to Fair Point so that they can dredge it because we were touching bottom. Well we notice a huge 40 ft Catalina with a 13.8 beam come in this weekend and are told this will be our new dock neighbors. This should be real interesting pulling into the dock since we are the two biggest beamed boats at the marina (I’ll let you know how this goes).

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