Tuesday, June 26, 2007

True Ericson

This is Patrick from Montreal; we kidnapped him from his future power boater in-laws on Saturday. They were sitting on the dock and we asked if anyone wanted to sail and his hand went up so fast I swear it was on a spring. The wind was 18 to 20 knots out of the west-northwest and was perfect. We all had a great time crashing through the wonderful waves. Kasidah loves the wind.
We have our dingy and it seem to be pretty nice so far. We could not decide on what to get for cruising so decided to go with an off brand inflatable with an air floor for now, till we decide. It was only 600 dollars so for the time this is our dink. It is a 9,5 PVC Air floor made by Baltik boats. We figure when we finally decide we will just sell this one and make some of the money back. (I will let everyone know how it performs after a few times out)
Well Jon is getting antsy about buying new items for Kasidah however things we hoped would need replacing before leaving to cruise are having to be done now instead. That’s fine- the order of replacing and adding are just a little different now. This weekend the compressor for the frig went so till we can replace the whole unit I have an Ice box again,….. Just a little more of that ice to buy.

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Patrick Sullivan said...

Great pic! That sure was fun (more fun than sitting around dockside, that's for darn sure). Thanks for taking me out and congrats on your new dingy!