Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Nice First Sail

This was great, our friends Schyler and Laure came up this Memorial day and went sailing with us. Schyler who knows a hell of a lot more than us about sailing(owns The Sailboat Shop) came out and gave us some wonderful pointers on the boat and Laure Lillie who is a Professional Photographer From Skaneateles (She loves to travel ) took some photos for us. The sun was shining and we had a nice breeze, we headed north out of the bay and as we got farther away from shore you would have thought we were headed for Alaska, it was very chilly but we had a wonderful day sailing and a great time with friends.

Now having Kasidah here we are starting the projects. We figure we put about 100 hours on the engine and at this point we found lots of things that need to be repaired or things that failed on the way (if you own a boat you know what we mean and we are just stating these thing not complaining in anyway). Jon has removed the holding tank and had to have it repaired which the shop told Jon to buy another one by next season. The engine pick up tube was so clogged that when the engine stopped running on the water and he started narrowing what the problem was down he could just barely blow through it. We changed the bathroom fixture and shower hose and replaced gaskets on kitchen sink. We are in the process of finding some leaks in the front berth(this might be hard). Changed rug on floor but might change again when upholstery is done because I don’t thing they will match. Knot meter stopped working some where in New York city, Jon took a cold dip this weekend to see if it was jammed but it was moving freely so we will need to replace that. Autopilot had a bad wire inside the unit but Jon took it apart and fixed it. Jon pulled lots of wire out and wanted to figure it all out to start working on putting new stuff in(Electricians do that kind of stuff). Put netting up and screens on gates for the dogs safety (actually for Jons tools that seem to slip out of his hands). Tightened cable for steering, polished brass clocks (Jon is very proud of these). Replaced hose to tank. Still trying to find a problem with the check valve on the hot water tank, it comes and goes so this will be a hard one. Ect….
Next projects unless something else comes up is, Cetol on wood, caulk and clean any old stuff up from the fiberglass. Shelves under head sink and aft locker. Clean and wax outside of boat as soon as dinghy decides to meet Kasidah….

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