Saturday, April 7, 2007

The FilterBoss

One of the first things Jon and I agreed on was that we would put out the cash and buy our new boat the Filter Boss. One of the worst things for me is to be at the helm on a wonderful day or down right miserable day (which for Jon this would still be a great day- on the boat) and have the engine quit and find a clogged filter, which then you have to deal with it. We felt that was the most important issue with a boat. Our engine has very few miles on it and most problems with diesel engines end up being fuel, fuel, or fuel. The Previous owner Rick (Boat is still at his dock) was kind enough to take the old Diesel feul out for us and clean the inside out, this way we can install the FilterBoss and start with a clean tank all at the same time. Here is a photo of the dirty fuel.
Jon went down to Connecticut for the weekend to install it and get some other things done on the boat (Very cold weekend there-about 45 degrees).
We are looking right now at bringing the boat up to New York right around the 23rd or so this month.

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