Friday, February 23, 2007

Ham License Anyone !

Well we decided to go ahead and study for our Ham license (ARRL) so when we are really far offshore we may have a better chance of reaching someone farther away if we need too, that includes e-mails, plus the weather is really crappy here and this makes for a good way to spend our time waiting for the weather to get better. Boy its been awhile since I had to study for a test or memorize technical things, so it took a bit to get in the groove, on the other hand Jon had no problem and since his field is electrical he had learned a lot of the basics years ago in trade school so most of it is a refresher course for him. He has been helping me with the basic fundamentals of electricity, which really helped since that part of the practice test I got everything right (thanks to Jon). We figure the Ham course this winter and next winter we will take an EMT course (this will certainly help us with the winter blues).

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