Wednesday, January 17, 2007


This is the start of our new life with our new boat "Kasidah"

My husband Jon and I have always dreamed about the day that we could just get up and leave all those everyday “things” and sail away. When we began dreaming this we thought that it would be easy to plan, we had it in our heads of how to get by, make the money, buy the boat and get out there on our own adventure. But as we began planning we realized that our children were still in high school (6 ½ years ago), we still had a house and a business that would need to be taken care of. As we were planning we decided that the best time to begin our adventure would be when our youngest daughter graduated high school and went to college. That day has passed and so has the day that our dream began to materialize.

From now until the day we enter the ocean is a countdown of hopefully two years.

It wasn’t more than 6 months ago that we found the boat of our dream. A 36c Ericson located in southern Connecticut, she is in wonderful condition thanks to her great previous owners Rick & Pam.We live near Ontario lake and the first chapter of our book is to bring the boat up through the sound around New York city, up the Hudson and across the Erie canal to dock it on Ontario lake while we prepare her for the big blue ocean.

I guess the prologue to our adventure would be the fact that we have prepared the rest of our surroundings to deal with the fact that we are moving onto a boat. Our house is on the market and will hopefully be sold by the coming fall. Our business is going to be taken over by a well-trusted employee so there are no worries incase we don’t come back. HAHAH. Our animals have been reduced because of old age:( . We still have two terriers we will bring on the boat with us, as they are our beloved companions. Our two daughters are well settled in there college atmosphere, the oldest about to graduate college and enter the air force; our youngest is just starting her second semester of her first year. We also managed to part with our older sailboat, a 27 Eriscion. She was a great boat that we had almost 7 wonderful years that gave us high hopes and great experiences. She was sold just after we found our new boat, to someone we know will take good care of her in her old age.

Now comes the part of our two-year countdown.

We decided two years because that would be an average time of how long it would take to get her ready for the high seas. She is not ocean ready right now and needs some refitting. Most of the work we will be able to do ourselves because our old boat taught us a lot on fixing and restoring. Jon use to work in a boat yard on engines in his youth. Currently our business that we own and run is an electrical company so he should have no problem taking care of most problems we run into.

In two years we hope to begin our adventure, back out on our lovely sea going vessel. We plan to travel the east coast down to Florida and anywhere else that the wind takes us.

(This may change but this is our course for now and we hope to keep everyone posted on how our book is coming along.)

As Bob Bitchin would say “ Don’t Dream your Life,… Live Your Dream”.

Ps Look forward to refitting and chapter one of our adventures.

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